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  As one of the leading full range refractories manufacturer in China, HX Refractories Co.,Ltd was established in 2001, in Zhengzhou City, Henan province . Company covers an area of 173,000 square meters, has 1000+ employee with 230 million fixed assets and its full capacity of 180,000 tons refractories per year. In 2015, total sales volume was 95,000 tons with sales revenue 310 million RMB.
  Our products range not only including commodity grade refractories like fire bricks but also including special functional products for continuous casting process at steel making, such as slide plate, submerged nozzles, monoblock stoppers and ladle shrouds.
  By working closely with our customers, we are acting not just as a refractories supplier; but as a solution provider to where they are looking for improvements.


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