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The necessity of the refractory industry speeds up the technical innovation in our country

August 26, 2016

A risk analysis, market competition

Refractory materials with bond industry competition in the market risk, price risk, management risk can be subdivided into market. The first demand risk, demand is the key factors influencing the refractory materials with bond sales, demand is the size of the corresponding supply, supply increases, reduced demand, sales will be difficult; The second is the price risk, refractory materials with bond pricing high yield per unit area is high, but high prices, will seriously affect the sales; The third is the management risk, it is to point to by project developers from development of refractory materials with bond poor management lead to earnings cannot come true, or not enough to offset the possibility of operating expenses. Such risks can be attributed to the developers subjectively on development cost, rent cost, development cycle and financing prediction error and decision-making errors.

Second, the technical level of risk analysis

Refractory materials with bond in our country industry, scientific research and technical support is not enough, the current technical level is still cannot meet the current production demand, update speed is slow, but industry lags behind that of developed countries abroad.