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High strength Hot Batch Converter
High strength Hot Batch Converter

High strength Hot Batch Converter

Description :
This products is a kind of carbon bonded magnesium carbon hot state self flow repair material,which is hot patching for the partial damaged parts of the converter.It has good high temperature fluidity,short sintering time (<30 minutes)with the parent furnace lining and good slag resistance and scour resistance,and makes the use of the converter very convenient,and can obvipusly extend the converter furnace
Application :
Under the trough dumped innto the converter repair parts,automatic leveling,converter can be used for about 30 minutes.
Use :
Repair of converter side,tapping side,tapping hole and bottom.

Description parameter

Brand Name High Strength Hot Batch Converter
Model HX-22
Chemical component(%) MgO ≥80
C ≥8.0
Firm time(min) 1100 ≥30
Breaking strength(MPa)   1100℃×30min ≥40
1600℃×1h ≥4.0
Cohesional strength(MPa) 1100℃×30min ≥3.0
Max service temp(℃) 1800


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