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Nozzle Brick
Nozzle Brick

Nozzle Brick


Nozzle Brick has good thermal stability, high strength, resistance to corrosion, erosion resistance, small bore, good wear resistance and so on. Brick cup mainly used in ladle and tundish; taphole bricks are mainly used for electric furnaces, nozzle bricks mainly used in ladle metallurgy equipment.

Description parameter

Nozzle Brick
Part Number Al2O3(%) C(%) MgO(%) App.por(%) BD(g/cm³) CCS(Mpa)
Corundum ≥90     ≤15 ≥2.95 ≥50
MgO-C   ≥14 ≥76 ≤3 ≥2.98 ≥40



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